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Do you want more information about our safes, our company or how we can help you? If you can’t find answers to your questions below, please call us at (888) 455-2337. We’re here to help you!

Simply fill out our online dealer application to get started and we’ll walk you through the rest.

We offer a Retail Training Support Program to our dealers to help you sell safes. Contact us today for more information.

Call us at and we will help you find someone in your area.

Please, contact a local locksmith or a contractor. You may also call us at FREE and we will help you find someone in your area.

For security reasons you must go through the company you purchased the safe from. Once we verify information we will be able to assist you. This option is not available on all models. On some models, once the code is lost a locksmith will have to be contacted in order to open the safe.

The lock will go into lock out mode. This normally lasts anywhere from 5-15 minutes depending on the lock itself. During lock out mode you will not be able to do anything to the lock and you may hear a beeping noise. DO NOT take out the batteries as this will only start the process over again.

We recommend Duracell Coppertop batteries.

If multi-colored wires coming through the door of the safe become disconnected from the keypad with the batteries installed you may receive an “error” message when trying to enter your code. To correct this please follow these steps:
  1. Remove face of keypad and make sure multi-colored wires are plugged into receptacle on circuit board. Then remove batteries.
  2. Once batteries are removed, disconnect multi-colored wires from circuit board, wait a couple of seconds and then plug wires back into receptacle.
  3. Once multi-colored wires are plugged in reinsert batteries. Once batteries are back in place enter *master code#. Keypad should show “Enter” and the safe will open.
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